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GGA Standards

GGA Standards are created following the description found in "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater"

150mg of glucose and 150 mg of glutamic acid are added to a 1 liter Class A volumetric flask and brought to volume. 

Innovative Quality Control

CAI GGA Standards are verified using our performance based QC System. 

Initial Lot Quality is confirmed by analyzing for COD. Then, a test rack is created and sterilized. TOC, COD and Standard Plate Count are performed.

These data are all incorporated into the QC Document provided with each box of GGA Standard.


Catalog Number 





 Box of 50 Single Strength GGA Standards



Box of 150 Single Strength GGA Standards 



Case of 300 (2 boxes of 150) Single Strenght GGA Standards 



 Box of 50 double strength GGA Standards



Box of 150 double strength GGA Standards 



Case of 300 (2 boxes of 150) double strength GGA Standards 

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